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Status Life With Leta Podcast

Leta Brooks Hays is the star of the hit podcast "Status Life With Leta." Reaching a record number of downloads in a very short amount of time, Leta engages her audience with her honesty, captivating stories, and her talent for teaching. "Status Life With Leta" is a lifestyle podcast and blog which focuses on everything you need to know to enhance your life, your health, and your home.

Leta uses her 20+ years of experience as a practicing interior designer to teach trends, design styles, and tips on how to make a house a home. She also guides her followers to a lifestyle of better mental, physical, and spiritual health. With her "sweetie", Derek Hays, as her co-host, they entertain listeners with playful banter and real life situations. Her mission is to help each and every listener #designyourlife

Click the link to listen, subscribe, and 5 star review the "Status Life with Leta" podcast!

Status Life with Leta Podcast

Status Life with Leta Podcast
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