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The Summer of Yes. Part Three.

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I began became obsessed with documentaries and took the kids to every summer movie in the theater. Traveling was constant all summer. One week I only unpacked to wash and put it all back in the suitcase. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen or talked to in ages. We had a running joke in our family that this was the summer of FUN! The kids and my friends loved that almost anything anyone wanted to do I would say yes! Want to go for a boat ride at sunset Yes!” Want to drive across town for the best pizza, YES! Want to adopt another pet? YES! With a lighter and funner schedule I noticed things I wanted like the non-profit work I mentioned above began coming my way. I was asked to sit on a committee for a gala for Lydias Place. Checkout my podcast *** to hear all about this amazing organization. Then, came Chandra and Divas who win. (Again podcast, and hear her story, it’s truly amazing). A mutual business acquaintance asked me to business consult for Chandras new boutique @thefreedomboutique. I was a double YES YES! I never would have had the time to help and I wanted to do anything I could for Chandra and her mission. Then I was asked to assistant coach for the non profit Girls on the Run. YES!

My life has taken quite a turn and I’m loving all the unexpected and necessary changes. My kids needed me and I didn’t even realize how much. They are moving into their teen years and being close to them all summer has also made me realize how much time I’ve missed and how fast is it is all going. We have made science kits that have been sitting around for years because I was too busy to concentrate. We have played tons of board games, sat many nights outside by the fire, and had more family meals than ever before.

No matter what path I choose to take in the upcoming months, I will only choose a path that awards me the time for not only myself, but my family. I had no idea burnout was real and not just a term in the gym to push your muscles. I had to have this summer to play, and laugh, and recover. Every day has felt like a slow journey back to myself and I finally feel like I have stepped off the hamster wheel. It’s funny, when I run into friends and acquaintances they all have the same concerned look and say, “How are you? I’ve been so worried about you?” I always reply and give a small laugh, “I’m great! Really. This time off has been the best thing that could have happened!” I explain the summer of fun and how I needed this time to recharge and refocus. I feel they all leave the conversation knowing I’m living my best life. I’ve even had the response, “I’m so jealous. You seem so happy, I wish I could take some things off my plate too.” I get it. I used to read a lot about mindset and how working too hard doesn’t actually lead anywhere, I understood the concept, but could never figure out how to actually make this happen for me. I used to think, “I have to work. I’m a single mom with 2 kids and I have to provide. I don’t have the luxury of not working.” That’s probably what a lot of your are thinking. What changed for me is “work” didn’t have to look like packing 7 days a week with a large staff and more commitments than I could handle. Even though I enjoyed my work tremendously, it was killing me inside. It took me to lose it all to realize I was burned out. I needed a summer of fun and months to heal.

Speaking of saying “yes” I’m about to say YES in a big was as the wedding is rapidly approaching. Plans are coming together and because I’ve had the summer to relax, I have enjoyed the planning process. It seemed so daunting when I was in the thick of work stress a few short months ago. Now, I’m planning not only a beautiful night, but a beautiful life with a wonderful man.

I’ll leave you by saying Burnout is real. The recovery is slow and extremely necessary. If you are switching jobs or careers from a place where you are burned out, please, please take a few weeks for yourself in between. Say YES to lots of fun things and make some memories along the way. If you are burned out, but can’t see a way out of your situation, think abut saying YES in a different way. Maybe try a new restaurant or let the kids pick a weekend full of activities. Traveling is always wonderful for a big reset. I haven’t had the desire to post and share lately because I know posting means I’m back to work. I need a little more time, but I’ll be back soon to share my summer journeys and of course the big day.


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