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Our Second Chance at Love. We hope everyone looking could be this lucky.

You know the old cliché "when your not looking, that's when you will find it?" Well, that came true for Derek and I and I now use that silly saying to encourage others all the time.

I'd love to share our wonderful story with all of you. I hope if you are lonely this gives you hope. If this story is for a loved one, please feel free to share it with whomever needs encouragement.

We first met on Friday, April 13, 2018 at the Senior PCA At&T Tournament at Sugarloaf Country Club. As self-employed business owners that rarely ever take time away from work, it was very unusual for us both to wind up at the Sugarloaf Clubhouse lawn in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday. However, that is where "being at the right place at the right time", became the reality for us.

Derek had planned to spend that afternoon with his kids, Libby and Matthew, having lunch at the Clubhouse and then, walking the course to enjoy watching some golf with them. Being typical teenagers, they made plans with friends and left Derek to enjoy lunch and the golf tournament alone. At least he thought he would be alone.

I had been coaxed into skipping work that day and attending the tournament with my good friend, Carol, and her son Bennett. My son, Gabriel, loves golf and the plan was to allow the boys the chance to watch the tournament together while we ladies visited with one of Carol's former neighbors. They live on the course and their house is sort of a "home base" for friends and family to gather for the weekend festivities. I didn't know this family, The Pritchard's, but with my outgoing personality I knew I was in for a fun day.

A Chance Encounter

Carol and I watched several of the golfers make their way by the Pritchard's home and then, made their way with the Pritchard family to the Clubhouse. Everyone had found a nice vantage point on the lawn to watch the 18th green as the golfers finished their round It was there that a chance encounter would lead to a lifechanging moment and a lifetime commitment.

Derek swears he was in the right place at the right time because as he exited the back of the Clubhouse he saw the Prichard family whom we was already friends with. Derek joined the group and swears he saw me sitting on a rock ledge and introduced himself. We talked for quite a while and then, made our way to the Pritchard's home as the last group of golfers finished their round for the day. Derek and I spend hours talking and getting to know each other while hanging out with everyone. After a while, it was getting late and I needed to get home, but more importantly get my son home. Derek asked if I would be back the next day and it hadn't dawned on me the tournament was all weekend. I had only planned on attending on Friday. I thought about it and quickly responded "yes! I'd love to come back tomorrow. I will have both of my kiddos with me and my daughter... well, we will see how long she lasts." She was only 6 at the time and golf was not her sport.

Day 2 of the PGA Tournament with Carol and my daughter

Derek writes - On Saturday morning, I made sure to go directly to the Pritchard's house and to get ready to spend the entire day there hoping that Leta really was going to return. I sat at the green directly in front of their house in a chair aimed towards the Clubhouse. I expected that Leta would be coming from that direction and thought I would stand a better chance of not missing her. Well, she finally made it back and my long wait paid off.

Almost immediately, we picked from the conversations we had started on Friday and didn't stop talking the entire night. Since we both tend to talk to anyone at anytime about anything, the conversation between us came naturally and the time seemed to fly by.

At the end of the night, Derek mustered up the courage to ask for my phone number. I wasn't sure in the moment if he was being polite or really wanted to continue talking and possibly go on a date. Derek says, "It was the only time I stumbled over my words all night." I gave Derek my phone number and definitely looked forward to hearing from him.

Our Journey together

We began a second chance at love that weekend with a chance encounter. Since then, that journey has carried us through many travels, memories, and significant moments. We have grown closer and closer as time goes by. We have become best friends, trusted companions, business advisors, business partners, confidants, and fallen deeply in love. Neither of us were looking for a relationship or even a date when we met. The Mutual respect and attraction was undeniable. We both thank God everyday for bringing us together.

With Love and Intention,

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