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Guest Appearances

What are you really holding onto? The exploration of your physical and emotional well-being in your home with interior designer Leta Brooks Hays.

After making the connection between our internal and external world of fashion and and  a couple episodes back. We wanted to bring this conversation even closer to “home” with guest expert, interior designer Leta Brooks. Leta brings her intuition to each client she serves. In this episode we explore the connection between the objects we hold onto and the emotions they evoke.

*Explore the link between sentimental objects and our memories.

Discuss the role of nostalgia in shaping our attachment to these items.

How objects can trigger vivid recollections of the past.

Power Couple Derek Hays & Leta Brooks on the Gwinnett Podcast!

This is the old timeless tale of a successful personal injury attorney who meets a successful interior designer. Both run well-known businesses. Both are known as movers and shakers in our community. Both living to serve others. And both host successful podcasts. Of course, we’re talking about Derek M. Hays and Leta Brooks, hosts of “Injury Insider with Derek Hays” and “Status Life with Leta” podcasts. Join the conversation! Listen Now!


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Leta, a thriving CEO juggling multiple businesses, takes us on her journey from burnout to balance. Discover how a string of setbacks led her to redefine success and find fulfillment beyond the boardroom.


After this enlightening episode, be sure to catch Leta on her podcast, “Status Life with Leta.” Dive into Season 4, Episode 5, and prepare for Part 2, where she delves into crafting a life aligned with your core values.

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