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Welcome to Status Life with Leta!   My name is Leta and I'm delighted you are here to join me on my health and wellness journey.  Starting 1/1/2024 I am taking a deep dive into everything mind, body, soul.  I want to say "yes" to all the personal development opportunities and challenges that comes my way.  Let's see the amazing transformation that happens in one year.  

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The Design of My Life - My Crazy Kidney Transplant Adventure

I wanted to bring you up to speed on some thing exciting happening in my life!  Back in 2017, I had the privilege of donating my kidney to my dad who was on dialysis.  It was a life-changing experience for me to get to help my family get their life back and to have a chance for a longer and more normal life. Along the journey I have also connected with other living kidney donors and been a part of forums that have been a help to me and a chance to help others through shared information.


As a result, I have an amazing opportunity this December to be a part of an advocacy event called a “One Kidney Climb” in Guatemala with 19 other living kidney donors from across the United States.  Kidney Donor Athletes (KDA) is hosting their second Advocacy Climb which is aimed at raising awareness and funds for living kidney donation. It is a privilege and an honor to be chosen to participate.


Since my experience with kidney donation, I have felt a responsibility to tell the story and bring awareness to the great need for kidney donation. While I always had been an organ donor on my driver’s license, I never dreamed I could help someone while I was still alive. If you haven’t read the whole story, it can be found in the articles I’ve attached inside this envelope.  


Did you know that at any given point there are over 100,000 people waiting for a lifesaving kidney donation?  About 13 people die each day waiting for a kidney, which is preventable.  Did you know that most people can live a rich, healthy life with just one kidney?  Imagine how many more lives could be saved by really getting the word out that kidney donation doesn’t negatively impact your health and physical abilities! 


On December 2nd, I plan to complete a 3-volcano challenge in Guatemala with other kidney donor athletes shouting from each summit, the importance of, and need for, living donation. The goal is to advocate but also raise funds that will help the mission of Kidney Donor Athletes.  That mission and vision is a world where there are enough living donors to meet the needs of all who require a life-saving kidney. 

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