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Welcome to Status Life with Leta

It's my mission it to help you design a life you love!  

"Status Life with Leta" is a platform created to improve people's lives using my own journey as the catalyst.  Vulnerability is difficult for most people and yet it's our greatest strength.  I help others step out of fear, create meaningful connections, and truly design a life they love.  


I've been in the interior design field for over 24 years and I've made hundreds (if not thousands) of connections while working in peoples homes.  Clients hire me because they don't trust their own judgement when it comes to turning their house into a home.  I began taking that same thought process even further when the podcast was created.  I love decorating and design, but I love teaching and connecting all of us more.  Now, my passion is to help millions live a healthier and happier life.  I'll do the work.  You follow along!  

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